The English Speaking Club of Malaga (ESCM) has a committee that is elected in the May annual general meeting, which is open to all club members. The positions of the committee are all held by volunteers, and are as follows:
  • Chair Tuesday meetings and committee meetings
  • Plan agenda for Tuesday meetings and committee meetings
Vice President
  • Assist President
  • Take minutes of committee meetings and yearly general meeting
  • Maintain a members' list with contact information
  • Notifications of weekly agenda for Tuesday meetings (on website and email to members)
  • Assist secretary and other members with secretarial duties
Friday Leader & Friday Vice Leader:
  • Manage Friday WhatsApp group
  • Chair Friday meetings
  • Meet and greet new members on Friday meetings
Ordinary Member:
  • Attend committee meetings
  • Organise anniversary lunch and Christmas lunch
  • Collect membership fees and keep a list of paid members
  • Banking
  • Pay for club drinks twice a year
  • Accounting records throughout the year of income, expenses and balance
  • Create annual treasurer's report. Confirm with accountant. Present report to all members at annual general meeting in May
More information about our club can be found here: